VIOLINMAPLE is the largest tonewood online store worldwide and possibly the largest supplier of violin factories around the world.

The Company exists since 1994 on the violin maple/tonewood market. We had some cooperation on local market before we open first VIOLINMAPLE shop around the year 2003 and closed in 2013. Since then we supplied mainly violin/viola factories and keep the best pieces for our ONLINE store.

As you can find on the web, Vladimir Spilar the owner and man behind VIOLINMAPLE is personally engaged in searching, cutting, and selling wood for musical instruments.

We do business specifically only with Acer pseudoplatanus that we call tonewood/violin maple.

How are we different from other tonewood companies?

Well, the wood that we offer, is only the best class and quality that you can find. Is exeptionaly nice and also has great sound.

We don’t resell, trade the other countries’ wood that was not processed by us.


We just like to do things the right way from the beginning. We can trust only our long-time know-how on how to cut the trees, process it, and leave it naturally drying.

We have a yearly capacity of over 20.000 sets of various kinds of violin maple in every grade for an unbeatable price.

We regularly do an update of the website so stay signed in for a daily updates.

The highest quality of our products and customer service is our top priority. Therefore, we enjoy every time to read the positive feedback from our customers which gives us the confirmation that our company’s philosophy is the right one.